Exhibition project in collaboration with Athena Vida
BINZ39, Sihlquai 133, 8005 Zurich
Stannic bowls, silver body paint, chalkspray,
copper tube, water bucket, cloth wings,
figs, pitaya, ananas, hair, blood, plaster
soaked in beeswax, bicycle tube, sock,
jewellery, text, wodden figure, malachite,
graphite, bohemian green earth, leather, shellac, raisins
2,5 x 3,15 x 1,72 m (LxWxH)
Curated by Ursula Palla, Lucia Levi Coray
and Annalies Walther

An anonymous Graffiti from Berlin, superposing the drawing „Dieu à bicyclette“ by the Surrealist Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes is the starting point for the collaboration between Paul Polaris and Athena Vida. The work - developed in alliance - evolved within 7 days. It was carried by the idea to follow a sign as an instruction for movement and actions. Traces of a scene make a fragmentary structure visible, which manifests beyond the conducted deeds within the exhibition space.

The „Cretan Symbol“ - a 5000 year old sign, that worldwide symbolizes the human life path - inspired the movements of the artists within the space. The labyrinth is not representing an architectonic construction but served as a choreographical guidance of a steeped in legend dance which is named after the crane Geranos.

Within ten minutes the installation was executed by staged actions, on the dawn of the opening day, 7th of June 2018.  The exact happening and event in situ remain concealed.