Intervention as part of TTF,
Tempelhof Theatre Festival
Haus der Plattenvereinigung,
Tempelhofer Feld Berlin
Six satellite dishes, receivers, TV’s
and coaxial cable
Façade: 6 x 6 m
At the invitation of Zukunftsgeräusche

The site specific installation fernsehen was created after Berlin’s Tempelhofer Airport closed its doors in 2008 for the last time. The work was made in response to a call for proposals by Zukunftsgeräusche.

Live, connected satellite dishes and cables mounted onto the external wall of a temporary plattenbau structure mimick a classical show façade. The six satellite dishes transmit Astra, Hotbird, Eutelsat and other channels into the building, and on to the same number of TVs. The cables trace the outline of Corinthian columns. The satellite programs are beamed in from Mali to Italy, Turkey to Russia, including a 24 hour shopping channel. Many different languages chatter simultaneously, almost like an airport arrival hall.