Ernst in der Sache

Intervention in collaboration wit Kirsten Palz
Kunsthaus Zurich, Heimplatz 1, Zurich
Wheelbarrow, manuscript & art historian,
bodybuilder, tomatoes, banana, pepper,
meringue, recorder, buttermilk, brush,
bucket, flagpole with flag
At the invitation of Sabeth Tödtli,
Urban laboratory zURBS

At the invitation of social-artistic urban laboratory zURBS, Kirsten Palz and Paul Polaris led a performative tour inside and outside Kunsthaus Zurich. The performance took place on 23rd November 2013; the script was read and put into practice by Swiss art historian Emilie Buri. The following material and assistants were required for the performanace: a banana, a bodybuilder, buttermilk, flagpole with flag, tomatoes and more. The Kunsthaus was not informed about the performance prior to it taking place. Ernst in der Sache deals with the Kunsthaus Zurich and its immediate environment - in terms of architecture, as a place for art and citybodies. Specific rooms and objects were picked out, studied, described and recorded. Taking its cue from the palimpsest, previous readings may be discarded, and fresh ones revealed.