Bringing my Heart form the Sea

Temporary installation at Teatro
Marinoni on the island Lido as
part of Salon Suisse in Venice
Five balloons, painted and filled 
with air, 180cm diameter each
At the invitation of Juri Steiner 
and Stefan Zweifel
Photos: Andrea Santini

Teatro Marinoni is an abandoned theatre of a former clinic for tuberculosis on the island Lido in Venice. Just a short walk away on the waterfront, Paul Polaris is fishing a big, red balloon out of the sea. In a silent procession this balloon is carried into the inside of the theatre and positioned under the ceiling fresco showing Neptun, the roman water god. Inside the room there are four more balloons and relicts of Tohu wâ bohu arranged. During and after, Philippe Eustachon and Francesca Sarah Toich recite texts by Antonin Artaud and read from the Egyptian book of the dead.