Intervention at a former brewery
Landsbergerallee 54, 10249 Berlin
Styrofoam, smoothening compound
0,8 x 1,2 x 1 m (WxLxH)
At the invitation of Paulus Fugers,
Photos: Paulus Fugers, Paul Polaris

"Whilst Paul Polaris frequently presents precarious structures in exhibition rooms to intentionally bring brand new structures to ruin, sometimes she works in the opposite direction, by focussing on the concrete statistics of the room in which she works - even if only symbolically. In one Berlin art space, Polaris created the base of a classical column out of Styrofoam, [which as an addition to the room was at once visible (wrong style) and invisible (optically blended in)]. Physically this column bore no weight, but metaphysically it could be understood to carry the burden of architectural history."

Text by Daniel Morgenthaler.
English translation by Elly Clark.