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Paul Polaris is an architect trained at ETH Zurich. Since 2010 Polaris lives and works in Berlin and Zurich and realizes projects in the fields of architecture, light and art.

Paul Polaris is a member of the Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects SIA and is registered as licenced architect in the chamber of architects of Berlin.



ETH ZURICH, M. Sc. Architecture ETH


HERZOG & DE MEURON Architects, internship in Basel


ECOLE BLEUE PARIS, pre-course in art



BEAUTIFUL RUINS FOR ZURICH, lecture at Cabaret Voltaire, at the invitation of Theo Hotz Architects Zurich


BAUEN I-VI, experimental lecture series in collaboration with the musicians Tobias Preisig, Stefan Rusconi and Trabant Echo, at Kunstverein Zürich, Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Mica Moca Berlin, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Sophiensaele Berlin and Ackermannshof Basel


KONSTRUKTION, teaching and research assistance at UdK Berlin, with Professor Norbert Palz in building construction

projects architecture/light


MARXLOH, lighting design study and concept development for a campus building in Duisburg-Marxloh, in collaboration with Licht Licht Studio Dinnebier and As-If Architects


GUSTAV, residential building conversion and extension in Berlin-Weissensee, in collaboration with Busch.Eitel Architects


DISPLAY, conversion of a project space for contemporary art in Berlin-Schöneberg

HAMLET, feasibility study and project development for a building site at Köpenickerstrasse Berlin-Mitte, in collaboration with Dimitri Hegemann and Christian Schöningh, on behalf of Stiftung Edith Maryon
MICHAEL, appartment reconstruction and conversion in a former factory building in Berlin-Mitte, in collaboration with Busch.Eitel Architects
RUN, competition and design planning of a permanent outdoor sculpture at the olympic park in London, on behalf of the artist Monica Bonvicini foundation
SCALE OF THINGS, detailed design planning and production supervision of an accessible art installation, on behalf of the artist Monica Bonvicini

LENBACHHAUS, design planning of a lettering for a museum, on behalf of the artist Thomas Demand

projects art


PROLOG, written manifesto on a scaffolding canvas, Lobeckstrasse Berlin-Kreuzberg, in collaboration with Kirsten Palz, at the invitation of Various&Gould and Britt Janina Heinker


GERANOS, exhibition project at BINZ39 in Zurich, in collaboration with Athena Vida, at the invitation of Ursula Palla, Lucia Levy Coray & Annalies Walter


ARMOUR, conceptual collaboration for the solo-exhibition of Keegan Luttrell at Display Berlin, in collaboration with Marie DuPasquier


HAUSSEGEN, temporary installation at Musikerwohnhaus Basel, at the invitation of Lyseloth Basel


OH, WIE SCHÖN IST PANAMA, exhibition project at the ethnological museum Zurich, at the invitation of Andreas Heusser and Livio Baumgartner


BRINGING MY HEART FROM THE SEA, temporary installation at Teatro Marinoni on the island Lido as part of Salon Suisse in Venice, at the invitation of Juri Steiner and Stefan Zweifel


TOHU WA BOHU, paradisiac church ceiling extention at Prediger Church Zurich, at the invitation of Adrian Notz, director of Cabaret Voltaire, Hans Ulrich Obrist and STEO foundation


OH, THIS MUST BE A WHITE PERSON‘S PLACE, ceiling stucco for a residential building, scheduled for demolition in Zollikon (Switzerland), at the invitation of Sollbruchstelle


ERNST IN DER SACHE, guided tour through the external area of Kunsthaus Zürich, in collaboration with Kirsten Palz, at the invitation of Invisible Zurich


BOOM BOOM BANG BANG, building application for the conversion of Kunsthaus Zurich into a ruin, at the invitation of Sabeth Tödtli, urban laboratory Zurich (zURBS)


FERNSEHEN, façade installation as part of Tempelhof Theatre Festival TTF, Haus der Plattenvereinigung, Tempelhofer Feld Berlin, at the invitation of Zukunftsgeräsuche


IST ALLES IN MEINEM KOPF?, discussion series with guests, sitting outside on a Persian rug in an urban wasteland scenario behind Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin


BASE, intervention at a former brewery at Landsbergerallee Berlin-Friedrichshain, at the invitation of Paulus Fugers